Listpicker search bar

I have been using list picker, but I came to some point that when typing in the listpicker search bar the words are not visible, could this be a bug or logic issue, can this be fixed?

Can you show us this behavior?

I like ScreenToGif as a screen recorder.

What theme are you using? Is your device in dark mode ?

Yes device is in dark mode, I tried it in light mode still not working

And what theme are you using ?

Theme I am using is dark, I tried using it in 'Device Default' theme and the words are visible but does not work when Dark theme is applied, I think its a bug and needs to be fixed

This bug has been there for years. The listpicker is an android widget not the making of AppInventor.

You could try the listpicker extension...

I will give it a try, Thank you,