Listpicker or spinner selection

Hi, there people!

I want to know if it's possible after choose an option in listpicker to trigger a reaction depending of this choice.

For example, if I choose the selection 1, one sms is sent to a phone number, if I choose the selection 2, the sms is sent to another phone number.

is it possible? with listpicker or spinner, they both are good for me.

Thank you so much in advance!!


Considering you have used only 2 elements in the ListPicker/Spinner, the code would go like this:

Make sure you change the item and the messages to your liking.

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If all that changes is the data, this can use the phone number as the Elements of the List Picker, and use ListPicker1.Selection in the SMS operation in the List Picker .AfterPicking event block.

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Also please do not spam communities, same question asked in Kodular's community and I unlisted it


It's a great idea, but I dont want the people who use the app knows the phonenumbers.

Thank you, anyway, for your suggest :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I don't think it's possible to do that, but you could open WhatsApp using the ActivityStarter:

Also, I forgot to invoke the Texting.SendMessage (or SendMessageDirect, as I've used, since it's easier) function. but it doesn't matter anyway :man_facepalming:. You'll also need to set the PhoneNumber too.

Thank you so much, that's perfect! :wink:

yes, dont worry I had understood it anyway :slight_smile:

Thank you so much again for your help!

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