ListPicker: Manual selection ( no extension )

Hi there,

I did a look on the following thread trying to understand how to implement the suggested solution on post #2, but I could not quite understand the working principle behind the use of "evaluate but ignore result" block.

Does it means that the block inside the event handler ".AfterPicking", triggers the event handler itself from whithin ?

List Picker Auto Selection - MIT App Inventor Help - MIT App Inventor Community

This is just an example
Usually you call the same procedure from inside the after picking event and from somewhere else, here an if statement


Appreciate the feedback, anyway, I'm still puzzled on how to do that - once pressed the ListPicker button ( I missed this detail, sorry ).


Depending on the state of a specific variable during the above ListPicker button tap, I will either allow user to select the element, or pre-select itself.

Thanks once again.

There is really no magic in those blocks
You can't manually trigger an event
The After Picking event will be triffered only after picking an item


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