ListPicker and Screen BackButton Presses

If I open a ListPicker and press the "back" button on the screen, then the ListPicker list is closed without an item being selected. To make matters worse, the Sreeen object does not fire it's BackPressed event to at least capture the fact that the ListPicker's list has been closed. I am tying to use the ListPicker to open a a Bluetooth connection on and have been using a clock timer to open the ListPicker for selection after 5 seconds if there is no BT connection open. The problem is that if the timer tries to "Reopen" the ListPicker's list so that I can select a device to connect to, it seems to have created multiple stacks and cannot open the connection when the ListPicker has been called multiple times! I see two issues with the ListPicker. First there should be a property to determine if the list is actually displayed. This would allow me to skip subsequent calls to the ListPicker open function The second issue has to do with why the backpress function is not firing when the back button on the screen is activated! It would seem to me that EVERY activation of the Screen object's Back button should fire the BackPressed event so that the code could handle that event properly!


You could use a listview instead, then you have more control...

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