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Hello everyone,
in this shopping app; I would like to add "new products" to "pre-loaded_products".
The fact is that the new Products are set: create empty list; while the Preloaded Products are set: make a list

So what difficulty you are facing.
Are you concerned about shopping cart, add-remove items.

@RamNaresh to the 9 preloaded products; I would like to know how to manually add, a new product

Non ho capito la logica, perché una lista di prodotti nuovi invece si aggiungerne uno alla volta ? e i prodotti parziali ? Sarebbe meglio utilizzare nomi in inglese altrimenti molti non ti capiscono.

By appending new_products to the preLoadedProducts,

Hi Nicola - you can just add items to the 'pre loaded products' List at run time. It's better if the List starts as empty - you can have a temporary list that is added to TinyDb on the first run of the App. Any runtime additions of new products can then simply be added to the List by the User, the whole List saved to TinyDb on App exit, ready to be re-loaded @ next run.

@ChrisWard during the execution phase I am obviously going to add the new products, which are set with "Create empty list". But how can I add new products to the preloaded products, which are instead set via make a list?


Well, I started making an example using your two list idea but got into trouble quickly - which is probably the reason for your Post. So here is an example using only one product list.

AddToList.aia (46.9 KB)

@ChrisWard your AIA file is a good idea but it doesn't solve the problem. In fact, I don't want to create a single list made up of preloaded products + new products. But from the list of preloaded products; I want to choose the product I need and move it to a new list regarding the products to buy. And if a product is not present in the list of preloaded products; then I'm going to add it manually.

So I think my example does that.

So your original description was not what you wanted - it would have helped to have a diagram "a picture paints a thousand words".

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Matching your second description: :thinking:

FromListToList.aia (2.9 KB)

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@ChrisWard you are absolutely right that a picture is worth a thousand words.

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