List_View : when using the search bar, the application is closed

Good evening, I am telling you about Peru.
My problem has recently arisen with the update of the App inventor page, when I create my application and use the List View search engine, my application closes, which did not happen before ...

Please, if someone could tell me why it closes, if that did not happen to me before, and there I send my .aab

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lv1.aia (2.2 KB)

Welcome @jeyson_ramos,

Try this:


There is also a bug with the listview from the latest release. MIT are working on a fix for this issue.

Thank you, I did not think how quickly I was going to receive respect.

I tried the one you told me with, but it didn't work for me.

and sorry if my English is not so fluent, I am using Google Translate.

thanks for your comments

Thank you, I did not think how quickly I was going to receive answers.

It seems that the problem is the same MIT APP INVENTOR, so I will wait for them to solve it.

thanks for your comments

It will take time before @ewpatton fixes the bug, so please be patient.

I think I also saw a post that cannot use more than 1 list views in a screen (or maybe I did not). The list view has some additional features in this release, so bugs are common stuff.