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Hello everyone!
I have created a list of ingredients (as seen in the jpg) and it works correctly.
I would like that when I open the ListView1 in addition to the ingredient, price, kcal, etc. are displayed in the same row.
It's possible?


I think you cannot do that in the appinventor listview but you can try using extensions. :wink:
If any of the extension list view accept HTML then use this code -

Here's an extension-free approach ...

Another approach would be to have a TextBox above the List View - click on the ingredient of interest in the List, display details about it in the TextBox (or Label).

Tahnk You Alpha2020, but i think that is not a good solution. It will not generate a list, and i need a list to collocate the ingredients in the recipes.
Thank You

Thank You ABG!
But i think that the best way to do what i would, is create another list like in the picture, changing the DB namespace into a list of ingredients with all that i need, so when i call the list, i have all information about ingredients, and when a select one of them, will choose it and put in the correct place, picking from the Ingredients DB. Do ou agree?


My Italian is non-existent.
I can't tell what the different fields mean or their contexts.
Without a good data model for what's going on, I can't advise.

I am unable to differentiate between

  • tables that describe the ingredients themselves,
  • tables that describe the ingredients needed for a particular recipe,
  • tables that describe the current state during the process of mixing a dronk.

There is one thing I do see, that is language independent ...
JOINing three fields and storing it as a value under a tag leaves a mess for the programmer who needs to retrieve the three fields later and try to un-JOIN them.