List view component not wark properly

Please look at the image or play the video. What is this problem?
I crate apps data read, edit, delete from google sheet but List view components not work properly, show this massage.

Where are you getting your data from, it seems that you are not getting a list back?

Getting data from Google sheet.

That is the google sheet.

Connect to Companion and make a right mouse click on this block:


and post the result.

I do not understand. Please tell me details.

Right click on get global dataList block and select Do It. It will show the result in a pop-up message box, like


while connected to Companion.

Sorry brother, do not working "Do It" option. Lock at the image

I can't finish my project just because of this problem
Please help me as soon as possible.

Even though your are having problems with Do It, you were able to show the contacts of your variable.
This appears to be a json - {....}

The procedure setLVShow is probably unable to handle this format.

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@TIMAI2 What can I do now?

Below is a detailed description of my problem

I created this project by following the link below.

I have had the same problem once before, when I was asked to use a test server I benefited from using a test server. Even the project is able to run successfully. My project needs a major update. After updating the app is showing this problem whether the test server or the main server from where I built. I would be greatly benefited if any kind person could help me in this matter.

I do not see a detailed description of a problem at all?

What does this have to do with using the main server or the code server ?

@TIMAI2 List view component not working properly
Please check this link.

By the by
What can I do now? Please tell me.