List/Variable Made by program

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The Variables/Lists made by program

Recently, I was working on an app that allows players to list down some (chosen) items. So suddenly I thought if the user can categorize the things he/she list down, It'll be a useful function. But then again, to make list, we need a chosen variable. If developers can make a function in a program to make a data value, or a variable by itself, that is the key to success in many kinds of apps using lists.
so..dear reader, do you have any idea how to do that?:thinking:

There is always a way!

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Maybe this might help you

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It's called TinyDB, and you get the benefit of not losing values when the app shuts down.
You also get the benefit of categorizing your data in NameSpaces.

Sample project:

I know about that, but can we use TinyDB for create data?


Here is another project that creates teams, players, and team match results ...