List uses float indexing error

After adding 4 consecutive decimals and then multiplying by 10 to become an integer, an index error occurs.

Float_Add_2023_0801.aia (7.2 KB)

I do not get any errors when running your blocks.

You may want to replace the textbox with a label inside a vertical scrolling arrangement, it is much more responsive to scrolling.

Is this whole exercise to show how 0.1 is an infinitely repeating binary number, unable to provide exact values?

Sorry! My English is bad. Thanks! your reply.
What I want to express is that after the floating-point operation *10, the carry is an integer, and some errors will occur.

Provide an example with a mathematical equation....

and show your relevant blocks

This block program only expresses that when the floating-point operation is carried into an integer, the result is unreasonable. An error occurs when used for indexing.

Again, please provide an example

Float_Add_2023_0815.aia (3.3 KB)

This fixes it

I have actually solved it, the post is just an expression, the result is unreasonable, the compiler should be modified.
I use this.

If this is important to you, consider learning Cobol.
It was designed for decimal data, and there are probably job openings to replace dead Cobol coders.

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Probably worth noting that a list index expects an integer, 8.0 is NOT an integer.