List on one screen, want to add items on another screen, save them and get back

Hey everyone,
I'm in my last year of high school and I have to make a project. It's an app for children that want to learn how to read. Now it's a game/quiz where the child gets a picture and has to type the correct answer in a textbox. Now I have 4 standard pictures + answers but I want to give the user the chance to add more "questions" to the list. Therefore I want to make a second screen for settings where the user can add a picture, a question and an answer. I've done some research for how to use variables across screens but I can't find a good solution.

Is there someone who can help me with this. The anwers and questions are in dutch but ignore that pls.
Antwoord = answer

Here you have my design and blocks

You could use tinyDB. On run if tinyDB is empty save global lists to tinyDB else set global lists to get data from tinyDB. Now when a user adds another question/awnser, first add them to global lists and then save that lists to tinyDB again

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Ok, I will try that.

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Note that this will only work on your phone. If you wish to make it work for all users you have to use an online database such as google spreadsheet, firebase ... etc

ok, yeah I only have to show the app on my phone to my teachers. So that's okay. Thanks

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