List of items each surrounded by inverted coomas

I an using a book which is teaching me how to use various App Inventor tools. When I produce a list, the items are each surrounded by inverted commas, but examples in the book have no inverted commas. I am following the instructions closely but can't get the inverted commas to disappear.

Can anyone help, please?

You mean, your list looks like something like this?

["a", "b"]

Have you tried this?


probably you are talking about the show list as json property?
you can deactivate it in the Screen properties...

you might want to provide a screenshot of the list, so we can better understand, what you are talking about...


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@william632, please provide a screenshot / photo of the list you are talking about.

Probably you are setting the text of a component to a list.

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Here's a screenshot. In the example in Mike McGrath's book, there are no inverted commas.Inverted commas in lists problem

I don't mean commas - I mean speech marks.

Here is a photo of how it appears in the book: List example in Mike McGraths book

Did you apply the Tajfun advice and you deselected the property "ShowListAsJson" in the properties of Screen1?

Don't give strange or wrong answers. There is a feature in Screen1 that Tajfun mentioned. It is enough to uncheck this property.


And to better understand see below image. You can see the how lists are shown when ShowListsAsJson is ckecked or not. Most probably the book you are reading was written using an earlier version of MIT App Inventor


Oh, I didn't notice that :man_shrugging:t2:


Genius! Thank you so much. Now, why couldn't Mike McGrath have mentioned that in his book?

This is probably why:

AppInventor is growing. Written books no longer ...


Thank you. The book, "Building Android Apps" is second addition and covers App Inventor 2.

Thank you to everyone who responded to my query. Very much appreciated.

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See all releases from 2013 and changes to App Inventor 2

AI2 has been around for several years and a lot has changed since then. New components have been added, new properties have been added.

Thank you - my edition is dated 2014 - in computing terms, a long time ago!

Thank you - useful to know.


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