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One of my students wants to create a “list of images”, i.e. any number of images (add new ones) that should be displayed in a scrollable list.
I found the following link but I do not have the context (e.g. Image.Picture of component).

Could you please give me a hint how to get such a list of pictures?

Thanks in advance!

Taifun’s code snippet How to Swipe left/right and top/bottom to trigger something might be similar to what your student would like to do.

What is different, is he shows how to swipe the screen.

He/she can get a scrollable list that can identify any one image in a List by creating a Project that uses a ListView component. The ListView would o display the List of images (image1.png; image2.png etc.) but not the images themselves and use its properties to select which image to display in an Image component.

Something like this?

You might discus further with the student about what he/she would like to do and why.

Adding images is more complex. How it is done depends on where the images are stored (on the Internet, on a Google Drive etc.) or whether he/she uses a Camera to create new images. The images here are stored in Media. That means, a user cannot increase the number.



See also Taifun’s File Extension which will allow the return of a file list from a directory


Thank you for your answers.

So we have a list of filenames and then can display one image (or a limited number of pictures) and change the image using the finger.

But scrolling in an unlimited number of pictures / thumbnails (as in official gallery apps) does not seem to be possible with app inventor, right?

I am sure, my student will get her app running, even if there are some restrictions.

Thanks again for your hints!


See this example:

Simple Image Selector and Editor

Use the File extension (as indicated above) to call back all directories with images (that is as unlimited as it gets on the device - if you want more e.g. google images, then a different approach is required)

Yes, I understand that I can load any number of images (and scroll through the filenames stored in a list).

But as I understand it, I cannot scroll through the images (only one by one; not one fling that displays more and more images / thumbnails as in commercial gallery apps).

You can, see the first example (you simply load the list of images)

or also see here:


found here

Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.

I understand I can switch pictures one by one: one fling = one new picture
test_pictures.aia (3.0 KB)

However, something like

found here

would be nice: one fling, several images / thumbnails displayed

That is also possible…(either using extensions or javascript)

Thanks, Tim!

My student has implemented the one picture - one fling strategy.
However, she would prefer to have what I described previously: sort of a canvas larger than the screen with lots of photos (say 6x4 pictures visible) and than scroll / fling once to see all hidden pictures appearing (it keeps scrolling and gently slows down if you do not stop it by touching the screen).

Is it a lot of work for you to show us how this could be done (extension or javascript)? I guess learning a little bit of javascript would be a good experience for her.

Thank you very much for all your help!

Yes :slight_smile:

Yes it would :slight_smile: >> : javascript / html / css / images

Thanks, Tim!

Also there may a suitable extension:

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Thanks a lot, Tim!
We will have a look at some of these extensions next week.

Thanks to @Taifun for this extensive collection of extensions!

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