List not refreshing after removing item

Hello there,
i am making an app and i have a list and a list picker that removes a selected item from the list but after picking what i want to delete it doesnt refresh, but when i add onother item it shows the new list. here is my code:

how are you updating the Elements of the ListPicker?

After deleting data from the list, you need to reload the updated list into ListPicker/ListView.

The Refresh block does nothing and will probably be removed in the future.

Where's your TinyDB tag for QUantity, and why aren't you updating that too, if you are keeping parallel lists?

The listpicker is working fine

how do i update the List view?

If the data list has changed, reloading it into the ListView automatically refreshes the ListView. Why do you want to refresh the ListView if the list of data has not changed?