List Item Access Error

Here is my .aia file. I am getting an error as shown in the screenshot. Kindly help me fix the bug.
Formative.aia (938.9 KB)

Hi Geetha!
there isn't any bug in your project, your blocks have a very small problem that they solved here :point_down:
Formative.aia (939.0 KB)

Thank you

Is no one going to show the bug?

What about explaining the solution and providing a screenshot of the relevant blocks to help others with the same problem in future?


Here's some problems in the original code:

The music list never gets loaded if this is the first run, leaving it empty.
Not all list Select blocks are guarded by list length tests.

An extra global variable is needed for the initialization of the TinyDB based music list.

Other bugs:

Lack of protection against empty lists:

If list BasicMusic is empty, setting index CurrentBasicMusic to 1 is of little help.

There are a couple more instances of this bug, which I leave to you to find.
Formative (1).aia (939.3 KB)

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