List from csv table text gives different output

Hi all,

I got some strange behavior about "list from csv table text" method. In two different apps, I use the exactly the same method as below, the url used were pointing to the same google spreadsheet:

However, the output from appA and appB are surprisingly in different formats:
appA: ((value) (value) (value)) comments: understandable as this is the format of lists
appB: [['value'] ['value'] ['value']] comments: value from googlesheets appread with double-quotes and wrapped by []

Couldn't figure out where went wrong. I might not be able to share the whole thing here at the moment. But any directions , inputs will be much appreciated.


Most probably the differense is that in one app in Screen1's properties ShowListAsJson is checked and in the other it is not



It worked. I might have mistakenly checked it.

Thanks a lot that saved me much debug time.

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Yeah! thanks for the input.

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