List from csv table problem

I have a 4x5 canvas table with backgroundimages.
I made a list from the images file names:
When i touch a canvas i want to change the touched canvas backgroundimage.
I call the following an "any canvas touched" even:

It is only make an empty background of that canvas, and the label1 (for self debugging) shows the file name is in bracket. So the label shows "(xy.png)" instead "xy.png". What am i missing out?
In the colorset are the canvases, and in the SetID is a list of 20 zeros at init, and change in touched.

as far as I understand, your csv table does only have 1 column? is that correct?
if yes rather than using the list from csv table block use the split block to split at \n (new line) to get a simple list


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Yes, i have one column. I will try your suggestion, thank you.

It works fine. Thank you!

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