List from csv row returns error "cannot parse text argument to "list from csv row"


I am trying replicate this read from google sheet code ( but despite making a carbon copy of the steps I am still getting the above "cannot parse text argument" error.
I have google throughout seeing others point to google sheet sharing permission, csv has hidden comma , wrong format etc but none of that seems to fix my problem.

At this point I am breaking down the problem to just understand how "list from csv row text" works.
So I have this very simple blocks that simply read from the csv file I exported, yet it returns the same error.
Here's my code

And my csv
2.csv (30 Bytes)

If I change the one block from "list from csv row text" to "list from csv table text", it would at least return rows of data which I can work with so I am trying to understand what causes this error.

Appreciate if anyone who knows the problem point me to the right path, thanks!


Your CSV file looks fine:


However, a list of lists (a table) will not fit into a Label.Text well, so AI2 steamrolls it.
The original text would fit better.

Your global table should receive from a list from csv table block, if you want it to act like a legitimate table (list of lists).

It is a csv table, so use the list from csv table block

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Ok thanks @ABG and @TIMAI2 yeah list from csv table works well.

if you guys have any tutorial or samples to show how list from csv row actually works please share with me. Just curious how to get it to work with the csv.


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This is usually used when data dribbles in a row at a time, like through BlueTooth messages or when a List Picker .Elements have been populated with entire rows from a table in comma separated form so that a List Picker .Selection will have all the columns of the selected row.
Developers do this if they don't mind lazy and ugly.

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