List as Dictionary Value

I'm currently creating sort of a grading scale app, and I've come across a problem. I am trying to set certain labels in the app to the values in the dictionary selected through the list. However, when I run the app the labels text sets to "not found". I'm not sure if the problem is within the data structuring, or the part in which the text label is changed.
Here's my code:

I cant see whats wrong with it, help would be appreciated.

You have a couple of issues, 1. using selection index instead of selection, and 2. trying to set the entire list to each label.

Give me a moment, I will do you up some blocks.

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Try like this:

minor omission


change text block not found to list block create empty list


I encountered an error, It tells me it attempts to get the list number 0, and the minimum number it can get is 1. Any ideas how to solve this?

check you blocks
reload your project in companion

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I had the wrong variable selected in the index in list thing block. Thank you for your help.

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