List arrangement

Hello Everyone. I really need help, after hours of trying.
I have several buttons, when I click a button I get a value. Now, I want to creatE a button that when I click it I get all values of the list at once. It's button 12 in the picture.
When I click get all I want all the get's. I have tried several things but none of it work

Get values from where ? The labels near the buttons get ?
If you fill the labels probably you have a variable with all the values or you can create a temp variable with all the values.

Anyway you have 2 ways

Easy - create a procedure or a block to save label text inside a variable and then manage the data as you like

A little less easy - use any component and a for each . Create a variable with all the labels components then with a for each you can get easy the text of all the labels.
If you don't know how to use any component search the community, now I'm not at computer

Please Help me. I have the labels, you see them in the picture as receive, receive1, receive2.... and everytime I click a get I get the value, but now I need to make a button get all, That will get me all the labels at once. I will show you how my get button works. btw I get my values via MQTT but that is not a problem. I have a problem with the list.
Capture d'Ă©cran 2024-01-14 224509

The variable receivedata is just a list of all the values you need . So what do you want to do with these values?

I want when I click the button Get All, to display all the receives at once. I have 6 gets, everytime I click one I get a receive. Now I need to make a button that regroups all the gets. I have tried 50 ways to do so and I didn't succussed, can you please me.

Ok , now I understand.
If you variable is filled right you can use the same code you wrote in the received block . When click button get all run the six set text block with the select item.

I don't understand the replace block you used there and the set index at the end of the code .

The replace block in order to change my value with the new one. I get my value from a machine, if the value changed and I click get I'll have the newest value. The set index I will remove it it doesn't do anything.
I dont know how to apply your idea, when get all clicked, call all the functions GetPara and display all the labels in the right order. It doesn't work. Can you please show me how.
Look at my first picture how I programmed my button 12 according to what I need but it doesn't work

Probably you don't need replace but just set value . Anyway I have to know what you get from getPara .
Run the getPara and save message in a simple variable and show it here.
This get function save all data you need or only one value.

Ok , I see it. Show me also variable receivedata.
You call data 016 then 017 then 036 and so on , you get a value and want to set it in the label .

One way could be :
Set a VARIABLE like a list and inside save the value 016 , 017, 036 etc , so you will have item 1 like 016 , item 2 like 017 and so on.
When button 12 click , set index to 1 and call PARA with select list item from VARIABLE LIST with index .

When receive data:
Add message to a variable TEMP LIST
If index =length of VARIABLE LIST
Set the labels as you wrote
set index to index +1
call PARA with select list item from VARIABLE LIST with index

Like this??

What I have programmed doesn't work

the blocks on the right go under the received block

Okey I'll try this right now and let you know and please the function Call procedure PARA, is it same as mine?

I hope :sweat_smile: I never used it but if it's right you will get the values.
The best is to get all data in one call and then manage them but I don't know how publish block work

And the list TEMP_LIST? is it the same as my receivedata list?

In variable list I set the name of the call , 017 , 036 etc in Temp variable, if the query works fine , you will have the response of the call, the values you have to add in the labels

I'm sorry I didnt quite understand the thing with Temp Variable.
I tried to do same as you.

TEMP_LIST is empty list?

Sorry I selected the wrong variable in the button's code ,
The empty is Temp variable and not Variable list

Your block inside received block is wrong , you have to add only my block on the right and add all the labels I added only 2