Linking video to list picker

How can I link the video to the list picker. As in after I choose the option in the list picker, then I will be back in the main screen, showing the element I chose from the list and the video playing in the video player.
I can make the list picker work but not the video. I don't know which part of my coding is wrong.

Please help me in the coding part. Your help is much appreciated, thank you.


Well, a GIF file is not a Video. You could set each GIF in an HTML file (no internet required, files can be stored on the Android device) and play them in a Web View component.

Hi, thanks for your help.

One quick question, how to set them in an HTML file?
So sorry for troubling

see here

I manage to get the URL of each gif but am I doing this correct? Because it still can't load the video

Like This: