link the contents of the drop-down list with a number


I make a feature that calculates data according to gender and weight of the person

For example, if the person selects male from the drop-down list, then a calculation is made 33 x the weight of the person

Male = 33, Female = 30, I would like to attach the gender characteristic to a number, to calculate it with the weight of the person entered in a text box.

For example if male is selected in the list, 33 x the weight of the person, otherwise if female, 30 x the weight of the person.

You can do it this way:blocks (19)

Or with a variable that you can use further: blocks (21)

Only use “SelectionIndex” instead of “Selection”. I did it quickly and was wrong;).

You can also use the list:
blocks (27) blocks (24) blocks (22)

Thanks to you