Link an list item to a url

I need to make an app to help my friends with their study, the idea was simple but I’m pretty new to the mit app inventor.

Faced a problem of too many screens, so I made a list picker:
1st : I have 5 options.
2nd: In every option there are 3 options.
3rd: some of the 3 options have 5 or 4 or 2 options.

what is very hard is that :
1-how to link URL to my last option?
2-how to make the last option open a pdf file?
3-how to make an item in a list acts like a button that make me go to the next screen which i can add things to it?

What do you want to do with the url once you have “linked it” ?

my app is targeting :
1-open youtube videos.
2-open pdf files.
3-open pictures.

And you would be happy to open all of these in a webviewer, and are all the resources online ?

anything would be useful and easy and serves the app purpose is appreciated <3
but i don’t know what is a webviewer

Putting your URLs into a table will make things easier,
here’s a framework you can adapt …

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A Webviewer is an AI2 component for displaying web pages (and much more) It is not a fully functional browser like Chrome or Firefox, but will do most things. Can be found in the User interface palette

Very simply, the blocks for the listpicker:
This would be your 3rd listpicker selections

When the user selects Video (choose your own title) then the webviewer is opend to a youtube url, when they select PDF, the webviewer opens the pdf in a google viewer, and finally when Image is selected, and image is shown in the webviewer

this is what i have x5 for the options and ofcourse the screen initialization and globe “things”

i followed a guy on youtube and managed to work this out but still having the problem of “can’t link the last options to URLs”

I’ll try to understand what you have sent then reply soon <3

i’ll try to understand this now … thx <3

See also, nesting listpickers

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