Lines between text?

How to make free lines between text in Label?

Have you tried this:

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He didn't try. This will be difficult for 1500 texts :-))

Did you find another solution?

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You have a very interesting idea.

Consider loading your climbing data as Lists instead of into Labels and avoid using lots of Screens.
Make a List of urls and your location coordinates and they can be synchronized with your climbing data. You can use them to provide a map and a Web link of your sites.

Here is an example of part of your app built using a ListView, ListPicker, WebViewer and a Map component.

The example is displayed on a tablet and uses a single screen.

What you are doing with your Projects looks nice but is complex. If you intend to include lots of locations in the app consider using Lists and the List tools and they could simplify building your Project. You might also want to consider putting the basic data into a database (FirebaseDB, CloudDB or Google Sheet used as a database) to make adding additional venues easier to manage.

Good luck. I am looking forward to see your progress. Great idea.




Yesterday I understood that many screens can not be (about 1500).
I can't program, so I thought my solution would be good.

Full explanation:
I have a website , where there are climbing areas (I also created a map.).
I'm still working on the last one. 8 years of field work.
Sites are responsive but not offline
The wizard must also work OFFline (with GPS).
I wanted to try, but I see it's complicated.

I appreciate your advice and you are right.
I'll try to understand. I'll try to understand data retrieval, ListView, ListPicker, WebViewer and a Map component.
I think this will be difficult for me. I do not understand what you described.