Line graph (X,Y) with X= time

Hello, I have created an app that is called Taps. The porpuse of this app is to make as much taps as posible in a certain time, for example: 5,10 or 30 seconds. The screen shows a countdown, a button where you have to tap and the number of taps. For that reason, now I wonder if I can generate a line graphic in order to show the number of taps you have made for each second during the interval time. So the graphic (X,Y) will contain X= Time (1,2,3...) seconds and Y= Number of taps.

I have been making some research here in the forum but I have not found any line graphic like the one I have in mind. I know hardly anything about programming and I find it a bit difficult to make that, so if anyone find something explained quite similar to the line graphic I want to do I will be grateful.

Thank you.

You could use ChartMaker extension or a Canvas

Here is an example using ChartMaker and a csv file


Of course, the example is incomplete for your purposes David. You will need a Clock and a way to construct a csv file of your recorded data.

Thank you so much. I am going to try that and see if I finally achieve it.

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