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Hello, I need some help. I am trying to make a three line chart . The data is coming from a file stored in app and the user add values with a questionnaire he fills. The chart shows at h axis the date and the y axis the 3 values that user fills. I use chartmaker plus. My problem is that I can not fill the arrayTable with a global item like global list1. These are my relavant blocks and the way I append to csv fileData. Also is there any way that when the fileData saves the new data the chart will read automatically all the values and display them? Thanks.

Try this test aia
Data_table_chart.aia (13.7 KB)

In example I initialize a test csv table,

then I create my chart_data to get columns and create table

result is


Thanks for the reply, I will try it.

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I tried it and I can not make it work with my fileData. How can I append to fileData so it looks like your format? Thanks!!

If you wish post a test aia here to help you

Here is my test aia, thanks for your help!
test_2.aia (410.8 KB)

Try this one

test_2A.aia (409.1 KB)

I tried it and it works perfectly!! Now I will adjust it to my project and I will let you know... Thank you very much..Ευχαριστώ πολύ!!!

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Παρακαλώ :slight_smile:

It works great on my project.. Thanks Dora!

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