Line-break from google sheets

hi, using google sheets as csv database, i notice that line-breaks in cells are not taken into account in my labels. Could someone help me please?

The google sheet line break might be getting lost in the query.
Try adding a \n to the cells with a break, see if that comes through…

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In fact, thats what i’ve done, but my app is used in different ways, using another app like glides, where \n appears, and i do not want it.
Is there any solution to bypass \n use?

For more information, i’m using sql query to obtain sheet informations, after that it is displayed in a html label.

Don't use ALT+Enter in your google sheet, use separate cells ?

Unfortunately it is not possible. I have many sentences in on each cells.
For information, i use sql query an html label.

Finally i found the problem.
Using the block 'for each item', empty lines (\n) are not considered as an item.
So i before this block i used 'replace item' to replace \n by 《br》
Thanks tim.

Might be useful to show an example of what you are doing:


Yes sir, i will do that soon.

here is my sheet:

the upload blocks and an figure of the csv in result:

Capture d’écran 2020-12-11 063505

Capture d’écran 2020-12-11 062934

(as you can see, there is a line break between two sentences, and the problem is that i was forced to use / or | and to convert it in 'br' inapp.)

after that i trim the csv, adding each word in colums (here csv lines) into lists thanks to MAJ procedure:

Capture d’écran 2020-12-11 063746

but linebreaks are not considered as an item, so i have to first replace (\n) by (br)

Thank you, I can now see how you did it.

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