LightSensor response

I use the LightSensor component to measure the frequency between light pulses.
When the application starts, there is a small delay between the light flash and the sensor response.
The response takes a few minutes to be instantaneous.
It is normal?
Thank you.

ONE PLUS 6T with Android 10

you might want to try the light sensor extension to find out, if you get the same issue there


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Ok Taifun, with the extension it has been fixed, and the sensor responds immediately.
Muchas gracias!

Hi @Miguel_Angel_Alvarez,

What is the value of the RefreshTime property of the LightSensor? By default it is 1000 ms.

Hello @ewpatton
Yes 1000.
But it has been fixed by combining the TaifunLight extension.

You’ll want to change it to 0 if you want fast readings without leveraging the extension. Given that it was set to 1000 the behavior you were observing seems expected.

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