Libraries in extensions causing errors

It is a well-established fact that utilizing two extensions that share identical libraries can lead to compilation errors when creating an APK or AAB package.

I am now interested in discovering a method to integrate these two extensions, which rely on the same libraries, without encountering any compilation errors. This solution should allow for seamless compilation, even if it involves modifying the code of one of the extensions or implementing alternative measures


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Use jarjar utility to repackage library.

Or simply use Rush if you want to obfuscate and shrink code as well along with repacking.

thanks @vknow360
But I am using Niotron IDE and I didn't try to use Rush to develop an extension so I have no experience of dealing with Rush .

Is there a way to do this with Niotron IDE ?

and also I will try both ways that you mentioned and know which will be easy fo me

As far as I know, Niotron IDE also supports proguard with custom proguard rules.

yes you are right this is the proGaurd code is there are any edit that should I add or I just enable it

-dontnote **
-optimizationpasses 3
-repackageclasses ''

-keep public class * {
    public protected *;