Libraries in Extension IDE

(before you read on, I know this is the app inventor community and you can only talk about app inventor, but I think the extension IDE I'm going to talk about affects app inventor because it allows to make extensions for app inventor)

some time ago came out the new niotron extension IDE and I have seen that it allows you to import .jar libraries.
Can anyone help me to import libraries to the niotron IDE extension?

Hmm..Related necessary questions were asked earlier..
You can find Libraries in the niotron IDE, click on that and upload .jar libraries.

If you've aar file then , unzip aar and then you'll find classes.jar file , you can use that.

See Here

*Click on Libraries at the button
*Then a popup will come , import the needed library
*And use @UsesLibraries annonation in the code

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thanks @oseamiya

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You can only discuss about tools offered by App Inventor for creating extensions i.e. AI2 sources and Extension Template.

Neither this is Kodular Community nor Niotron Community.

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ok @vknow360

please ask in the niotron community then
PS: closing thread