"Left right side menu" from Deephost?

Does anyone use the “Left right side menu” from Deephost? When the keyboard opens the background bar appears at the top of the screen. The bar disappears only after re-opening the application.

I think it is a bug on some versions. You will need to tell/ask the extension developer

On other forums we advise to be cautious with the use of extensions made by Deephost. He is (almost) not responding to questions about his extensions.

He just didn’t write back to me. Nice menu when we need a lot of items and quick reach. It is a pity that with an error.

He had internet problems for a few days, but is back on line now, probably dealing with a backlog

Were did you find that answer? On another forum we have complaints for months and months of Deephost not responding.

I believe it came up as a message from his app which I have installed on one of my devices…

We even had to unlist his topics with his extensions to protect users from using something that isn’t supported anymore by its developer.

Deephost has group topics with its extensions? Links from the Taifun website only lead to the page where you can download the android application with extensions.

For others. I got information from another user that you need to enable the title bar and turn it off in the program code.