Left menu with links


I don't know if it's a quality question for this forum, but I'm starting with app inventor and need help

Through tutorials, I created a left menu with links, but I can't get the website to open when I click on each link using webview component, not with my cell phone's Internet browser, need to be opened in the same application.

Can somebody help me?




is this an extension you are using? which one? any link?

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Hi there

The left menu work with an extension called DrawerArrangement, the rest is design with layouts. Does this clarify your question?

in the extensions directory there are 3 drawer arrangement extensions listed... App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps
which one are you using? is it a paid extension? any link to the documentation?
for questions about extensions you also might want to ask the author of that extension...


Hi daferrub

Nothing to do with your issue but since you have set google.com as the home URL, use the home URL Block.

Concerning the Drawer Arrangement Extension, can you show us the links you have set up? Are you saying they are launching the Device browser instead of your App's Web View component?