learn How To Add Custom Splash Screen to Your App

Ok i will replace them soon
But you can see the video all things in the video

shameful that it is so easy to copy someone else's work

this is a misunderstanding.
I said that is integrated into your topic,
I only added a method to add a custom splash screen not only from the app icon but also from any image that you want
I related all things to you you can check the Topic even the youtube video I put the link to your topic in the description of the video so your copyright is saved to you I only added a method .
and if this annoyed you I could easily remove the topic and the YT video too

You only have a video and no description or text version. There are also no explanation on what to do in the video, which would get really confusing.

When you post a tutorial, you should first guarantee that you have a text version so that people could follow along, and also explanations. This is what a tutorial really is.

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Firsty, thanks for your advice

Secondly ,I see that is no necessary to add text or subtitles to the video the video have simple procedures to do that method ,
And i have already added the Topic that explains procedures in the YT video description and mentioned it in the first part for this guide in the first of this topic I think you have no problem to follow the procedures in the video ,
And Good brevity makes sense
And I will keep you advices in my mind so thanks you for your advice

Keep in mind that there are always users who are new in app developing.

As far as I can see, there is no documentation of any steps, only a video. At least integrate the topic, sum it up in your own words and edit your topic.

Ok thanks I will keep it in my mind ,
and soon I will update the hole topic to add a documentation that explains every step in the video
And thanks for all :+1:

Hello Black Knight

That's not advice from Gordon, it is required. Look at the other Tutorials & Guides.

Please read the "##Please Read First## Posting a new tutorial or guide to the community" - A guide to contributing a Tutorial/Guide by TimAI2.

Thanks for updating the gif images. The 'after adding splash screen' gif seems to suggest that a tap is required to make the splash work - that's because it isn't obvious that the icon is a launch icon -there are no other launch icons on the same screen, which would have been the best clue.

Hello, ChrisWard
I have just read the topic
And I will definitely update the Recent topic soon so just it will time me some time to prepare the Documentation for this topic.
And in the gifts i used Android Emulator from android studio and I set only the app icon on the screen to show only that is the app that have the splash .

That's cool.

I could see why you only had the one icon but any rookie would look at that and think "Nope, I need the splash to run automatically" -because it is not obvious that a launch icon is tapped.

I don't Understand what do you mean by the launch icon seems to be not tapped :thinking:
There is already mouse cursor that make the launch action

The icon is in isolation, so it does not appear to be a launch icon. It should be surrounded by other launch icons so that it's status is obvious.

I isolated it to focus on it, this just the reason for this ,

I already acknowledged your reason - but it has a negative effect to what you hoped.

Ok I will put this gifs to be edited with documentation .
Thanks :+1:

A note below the gif would suffice.

Ok :ok_hand:

is it possible to set the icon 's background? size? alignment? is it be other image than the icon? is it possible to be an animation? the display duration to be customed?

  1. I don't know how to do this but this topic can help.

  2. Yes, it's possible to set other image as a splash screen to the video upove explains how to do this.

  3. About the animation it's advanced one but i reall don't have any idea about doing this

  4. I think this details can be edited from mainfest.xml file but I don't have any idea about how to do this in AI2,
    This can be edited if you work with flutter apps via android studio.

it's ok, i just want you to implement it in your tutorial if possible.