Layout Problem - height does not fit

Again I have a problem with my layout.
There are three arrangements: Main, List and Bottom.
It should be like Main takes all of the screen, when list(vsa_LV) is not visible
Otherwise vsa_LV shall be as large as possible.
Bottom shall allways be at the bottom.
What is wrong? How to do this?



try JeSuisOu_copy.aia (66.4 KB)

The quickest way would be to set Bottom and List height to the size you want, eg 10%. Set Main height to fill parent.

Then when List becomes hidden, Bottom will still take up the same amount of space but Main will take up the rest of the screen.

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...also, set the Screen Vertical Alignment to Bottom.

I tried several. Only thing that works is fixed settings.

ok. Here may be the problem. This setting is not possible (grey)
The screen is a clone from where is my car tutorial.

I deleted all arrangements and made new. Same behavior.
Making a new projekt - it worked.
It seems, that it has to do something with the Screen1 -settings.... :thinking:

You have a listview in a scrolling vertical arrangement - this will not scroll, and the VSA has some strange sizing behaviours. Switch to a vertical arrangement to resolve both issues

Thank you TIMAI2,
That seem to work.

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