Layout Design several mistakes in iOS

I have the same app in Android and iOS.
On Android the first show design is this (only open teh app):

But on iOS (only opne the app) is this:
As you can see the design on iOS has several mistakes only with de Layouts design with nothing runs.
The run for Android is on the normal AI2 server and the Companion of the Play Store.
The run for Apple platform is in the AI2 server test and the Iphone has the version 14.8.1. The AI2 Companion for Iphone was downloded of the Apple Store.

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May be the problem is the responsive layouts with % design. Has anybody any solution for these problems'. Will be solved in the future or this is the iOS performance?

Post the aia or a test aia.

The app aia is here: NOMIS_CPv1_4_lite.aia (574.9 KB)

Disable all blocks in Screen1.Initialize. And then enable them one after another, reload Screen1 ...
to see which block(s) is (are) responsible ...

The screen design is this:

With all the blocks on Init.Screen unblocked, the Iphone screen is this:

It seems where there is the login layouts space it lost information and cut the design. In this location I have only Layouts with labels.

I have moved the Login layout to the first position after the Menu layout. The Menu layout is showed right. I have hidden it. But the Login layout only show the image and it lost all the labels and buttons inside. The labels after this lost alone the right formats and several labels are missing.

Hello @Anke,
The best demo of the current problem. Now I have only a Design Screen without Blocks. The app has not any block as you can see, only has a Design screen (the Init.Screen is empty and there is not any other block).
The Screen design is this:

The Blocks area is this:
But the iOS execution is this:

As you can see the mistake is only in the Design Screen for iOS execution. In Android executions all is right. I don't have any possibility to find where is the iOS problem with code 101000 in the design screen.

Testing in the Design Screen I have deleted Layouts and I have detected:
1-The Scrolling is not running in the main screen.
2-The Format Text of Labels (f.e. height = 9) is not running well.

More test:
-The problem with the labels format is on the parameter of "HTMLformat" if you select this parameter for the label format else on iOS not runs well.

More test:
-The responsive parameter sizing on the screen is not running well.

More test:
-On the Layouts the option for Height put in "Automatic" is not running well. May be this mistake has relationship with the screen parameter for Responsive not running well also.

I think what we actually need to see is the original Project that worked on Android and the 'same' Project that failed on iOS, when they should be identical.

Hello @Chris,
The project is this: NOMIS_CPv1_4_lite.aia (391.8 KB)
Has only one block:

We can see the Design with the aia file attached and we can see the reported problems.

It runs in the AI2-ServerTest with the Companion of Android and I have this showed screens (with perfect scrolling):
Screen initial:

And Screen scrolling:

They are full correct.

But if I run on the same AI2-ServerTest on the iOS Companion I have only one screen (is not posible scrolling the screen) and the showed screen is it (the HTMLformat labels is not running well) and after lost Layouts and more (I think itis for not run the "responsive" designa screen):

We can see the designa has a lot of mistakes (I found on reason by the HTML format on the lables)

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Hello Mr. @ewpatton,

Can you verify if the before reported iOS issues are right or on the way to be solved them?

1.- Scrolling parameter in Scrren1 is not running well.
2.- HTLMformat on the Lables are not running well.
3.- The "responsive" parameter is not running well in Screen1
4.- The parameter "automatic" for Layout dimensions are not running well (may be it depends of the point 3).

Or may be these were not correctly detected of my side.

Thanks for all

Hi @Ferran_SIMON,

I'll put it on the list of projects for us to analyze. My guess is that we are failing to reset a constraint somewhere in the app that is causing it to collapse the views onto one another like that. I'm not sure that we have a good workaround for you at this time--it's like going to require us to fix some internals in the companion and submit a new version to Apple.


Hi @ewpatton,
Para poder ayudar a detectar los errores les dejo anexado un aia con muy pocos layouts de diseño a efectos de que sea mas fácil buscar los problemas reportados (no 'scrolling', falla 'HTMLformat', no funciona 'responsive', perdidas de layouts, etc etc):
NOMIS_CPv1_4_lite.aia (389.5 KB)

En Android sale correcto el diseño:

Pero en iOS salen los diseños con muchos errores (y no se puede deslizar la pantalla):

El app tienen una única sentencia:

Como puede ver todos los errores se producen en el diseño de la pantalla y con pocos elementos. Vdes mismos pueden ir eliminando perfectamente layouts para probar los errores.
espero haberles podido ayuda.

Y siempre quedo a su disposición para cualquier cosa que puedan precisar de mi parte.
Muchisimas gracias por el atendimiento recibido de su parte.