Layout control does not work

The layout control does not accept any control inside.
In a 2nd/3rd/... screen, if I insert a Horizontal or Vertical or Table arrangment layout control and set it for example to 2x2 cells, I cannot add any button or label or textbox inside the layout, the added control is positioned either above or below the layout control.
What's wrong?

I want to make sure I understand your issue correctly, you are saying that this works correctly on Screen1 but not other screens? Do you have a sample project that shows this happening? What OS and which companion version are you using?

Thanks for your answer.
Yes you understand it correctly.
Screen1 accept controls into layout, Screen2 doesn't accept.
I use Companion 2.6 or 2.6u on Chrome last version on W10.
How can I let you see my project?

From the Projects menu select the "Export selected project to my computer" and then include the AIA file in your reply here.

Beyond belief! Now works!
My friends always tell me: this home is strange, if something work anywhere, here it doesn't work.
Anyway this is the aia file.
Before I have renamed the second screen before adding the layout control.
Now, instead, I have added the layout control and put the button inside, then renamed the Screen
Seguimi2 (1).aia (11.3 KB)
Thanks Ewpatton

Thanks for the response. If you do encounter the problem again, please include some screenshots.