Launching App Inventor 2 IDE on Android TV

Greetings to all

I tried to open the App Inventor 2 development environment in a browser on Android TV and got a 403 error:


If I understand correctly, then this is due to the use of the http protocol.

Is it possible to solve this problem?

I understand that developing an application on a smart TV may seem like a strange occupation, but I thought, if someone is developing an application on a smartphone, then why not do it using a TV?

Disallowed user agent suggests that Google might be blocking access to AI2 from smart TVs, or at least certain browsers that might be running on your smart TV. Try and see if you have the same problem (that infrastructure runs in AWS).

Greetings, Evan

Thank you for your quick response.

I tried and everything worked!

My experience has shown that App Inventor 2 can be run on a smart TV. But you will also need a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to work. The smart TV should also have Bluetooth.

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