Launcher icon path

How can I insert into listView an image = launcher icon taken from another apk file made in app Inventor and installed in my Android? What is the path to icon of another app?

You can't. The launcher icon is in the assets (app package) of a compiled App (APK. AAB).
There is no externally accessible path to another app's assets (internal storage) (at least not on a non-rooted device).

On my device (Google Pixel 4a, Android 13) I have a folder here:

that contains icon image files for "some" installed apps on my phone.....

Thank you for quik answer.

Thank you for answer.

Here is an extension made by @Taifun which does what you need.

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Any package manager extension can fetch icon of all apps.

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I am very thankful to you. I shall study it. It is really what I need.

Yes, but doesn't QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES require Google's consent?
If I remember correctly, this permission is no longer allowed in the Play Store (without a formal request).

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