Lauch of a new extension for QRNG - Quantum Random Number Generator (Software & Hardware)

Launch of a new extension called Mini QRNG… True random numbers.

What is Mini QRNG?

Mini QRNG is Software and Hardware that includes three technological solutions to create QRNGs (Quantum Random Number Generators). Classified as follows:

a.- QRNG API. - Quantum random number generator obtained from external servers.

b.- MiniQRNG / Software. - Quantum Random number generator obtained using the physical properties (quantum) of the mobile phone camera.

c.- MiniQRNG / Hardware. - Quantum Random number generator obtained using hardware based on the quantum physics properties of a laser. Later on we will tell you how to build it at home at a low cost and use app inventor with serial or bluetooth communications. Includes circuit diagram with arduino nano.

In the extensions directory is the OpenQbitQRNGwithSSH extension which contains the blocks for the creation of QRNG (Quantum Random Number Generator) from the camera of your mobile device (smartphone).

In the HandBooks directory are the user manuals for the use of the OpenQbitQRNGwithSSH extension. In this directory you will find manuals in different languages ​​(Spanish, English, Italian, French, Dutch, German, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese).



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