Latest proyects do not appear

Hello. Yesterday I was working on my last proyect and since last months I just could see the proyects created in the last months. But I did not have problem because The proyects created before (2017, 2016) were not important now.
However, today I log in,I just can see the proyects created in 2017, 2016. And the proyects created in the last months or even yesterday no longer.
I need help, please!

Hi @Luis_Enrique_Rico,

What email address do you see in the top right corner of the App Inventor screen? Is the same as the one you usually use? What happens if you try to log out and log in again?

Hello! Yes, it is the same. And I already tried to log out and log in again.

Interesting, for some reason you now have two different entries in our user table. We need to look into why this happened and figure out how to merge them. It looks like all your projects are there though, which is good.

I sorted it out. You (Luis) now have one account that should have all of your projects in it. Let me know if you run into any problems (you can reply here). Thanks.

Thanks! the issue was solved!

Thanks! the issue was solved.