hi this is my app called gifter where you are shown a toy and you chose yes or no and it moves through different gifts then you click submit and are given a prompt on a seperate screen to hand devise back to adult then there is a submit button again that takes you onto a new screen again, and on this screen i would like a results list of what was clicked yes on as its to show adult what child selected but this is the part im stuck on please help! thanks

Your app does a lot of screen changes. When you switch screens, it becomes difficult to use the information on one Screen on another. Since you are transferring information that is in a List, the obvious thing to do is to save information as Lists in a TinyDB or to use virtual screens instead of real screen changes.

You did not post an image of your Blocks. That makes it difficult to provide specific advice.

With separate Screens you need to make a List of the selected items and transfer that to the adult screen… when the child selects items, make a List of childselectedStuff and save it in a TinyDB as a List. On the adult screen, read the childselectedStuff from the TinyDB. Is that what you might want to do?

The following might be useful

Using a TinyDB to store

If you still have questions, please ask again and show your Blocks and provide additional clarification. Good luck.