Last year Project No Longer in MIT App Inventor

Hello Moderators and Peers,

I had created a project on App Inventor last year with several versions of it with progressive improvements to the code. The last I accessed it was June 18, 2019. I did not back-up my latest version of the .aia file and when I logged in today to continue on the project, there are no projects under my account.

Is there any way I can get a copy of my project from the App Inventor server back-ups? Please Help!


I assigned this topic to one of the developers. Did you use the same account to acces your projects?

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Hi Peter,

Thanks for the follow-up. Yes, I did use the same account to access my project. The project file name starts with “Tennis”.

Please let me know if you require any additional information.

Which server did you use? or

Hi @Apkrams,

We have located your account. Would you mind letting me know via private message what email address shows up in the top right corner of App Inventor once you’re logged in?

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Thanks ABG! I was previously using the URL and this time was being re-directed to the URL. But my projects are back now in the former URL thanks to Evan!

Thank you MIT App Inventor team for your quick response and helping me get my projects back!!

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Hello, I have a similar problem. Yesterday I was working on my last proyect and I just could see the proyects created in the last months. But I did not have problem because The proyects created before (2017, 2016) were not important now.
However, today I log in,I just can see the proyects created in 2017, 2016. and the proyects created the last months or even yesterday no longer.
I need help, please!

Hi Luis,

It sounds like you may be encountering a similar scenario like me. As per Evan and the post below, there are 2 Code Servers.

If you are in the MIT App Inventor "Hour of Code" Homepage [Hour of Code with MIT App Inventor] and click on "Create Apps!" link to sign-in to your Google account linked to App Inventor, it will take you to This is hosted by Amazon.

If you are in the MIT regular Home page [] and then click on "Create Apps!" link to sign-in to your Google account linked to App Inventor, it will take you to This is hosted by Google.

From your description, it seems some of your projects are on one Code server and the rest are in the other. Login to both links one after the other to confirm if your projects are there. If you still cant' find all of them, reach out to Evan or one of the other moderators for help.

Good Luck!

Hi Luis,

Just noticed your issue has already been resolved on a different thread! The Moderators and power users are awesome, aren’t they?!

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