Language Selection with List!

hello guys, I am currently trying to develop a language selection with a list but it does not work ... I would be very happy to receive help



You will probably have seen this block:


which should be used after every translation. This will make your blocks very complicated.

It looks like you are translating your interface to different languages, therefore it may be much easier to do this using a small database (e.g. tinydb) or a set of lists on your device to perform the translation to a different language.


Here is a simple way to do localization; what you are attempting to do to change Screen text language. Using Yandex is a very awkward way to change text on Screens as Tim indicated.

This shows a different way to reset the Buttons and Labels etc. to read in a different language

This method is not dependent on having a wifi or network connection to accomplish the 'language' changes and might be a second reason to consider using something similar for situations where the user does not have wifi or a network connection.

I had a similar question; is there any way I could speed this up (get the translation)?

thanks i got it