Label value isn't changing with error message


I'm making a little pet app with stats values to learn Appinventor. everything works fine except the label for Thirst value. When I run the app, it gives me an error (The operation + cannot accept the arguments: , ["Thirst: "], [10]) and The operation - cannot accept the arguments: , ["Thirst: "], [5]

The other stats for hunger, care and wash don't have any problems despite using similar coding.
here are all the blocks that are associated with the thirst value label (ThirstValue.Text)

Sorry for my English

it looks like the default value of your textbox ThirstValue is the text "Thirst: "...
you might want to set it to a numeric value...


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the default value is 0. there's another label with the words "Thirst:" but it's a different item


And thanks for replying Taifun, I use some of your extensions. They are helpful

how do you use the other label, which is called Thirst? any similar blocks?

The label Thirst is only there as a text for UI
it doesn't have any blocks

I made a small test project, which runs fine on the test server
abd.aia (1.5 KB)
you could add your project (aia file) into this thread, so someone can check, what might be wrong...


After further testing, I didn't succeed to fix the bug. It might be from my phone though
here's the aia file (i'm still new at mobile dev, so don't be shocked at the amateur coding)

thanks again for the help, and any suggestions to improve the app is appreciated

Could not replicate your error, tested with companion and as apk. Try to change clock's time interval from 1000ms to 5000ms and see if it works for you

So I guess the problem was my phone
thanks for your time