Label spills off screen

I have taught an App Creators class to junior high students for the past few years through Project Lead the Way. We are creating an app, and of course the app has a title. The students use a label for this. Let's say the title label says "How to Create an App." We put it in a horizontal arrangement and set the width to "fill parent" but when we connect on our Android Tablets, the title is spilling off the screen, i.e. it's cut off so only "How to Cre" is all that's seen.

We could make the font super small to fit, but why doesn't "fill parent" work? It has worked in the past, this has been a new problem, and the directions haven't changed any. I can't figure out what's going wrong.

Hi @Crystal_Ryan, try adjusting the Sizing property on Screen1 to see if it resolves your problem.

I actually specifically looked for this option when I was helping a student earlier. I saw it in another thread. But there was no sizing option for them. I just looked at my own and it's there. I'm not sure why. I triple checked when working with the student that I had selected Screen1 from the Components pane, and when I looked at the options in the Properties pane there was only an option to make it scrollable and screen orientation, but nothing for Sizing.

If you're certain that they are on Screen1 (and not another screen), then you may also want to check the BlocksToolkit property and make sure that it is set to All.

School just ended, so I am unable to check now. That sounds like it could be the issue, because it was only a problem for 2-3 students, but not for anyone else. I'll check tomorrow. Thanks for your help!