Label (html code)

Good morning,

I start from the beginning, I created a screen, with a 2x8 table layout, with buttons that open an invisible label and at the same time make the table invisible (to avoid the creation of another 16 screens)

the label that opens (becomes visible) contains an html code (text only).

The first 2 labels normally open from the head of the article, while the following ones open at a random point on the html page and involve the user having to scroll up to read the article from the beginning.

I have tried various solutions but the result does not change.


Why are you using labels to display html pages? Use the webviewer.

I use label instead of webviewer because it is an offline section of the app and I want the text to have specific formatting (bold, italic, etc)

  1. You can use the webviewer "offline"
  2. Labels have very limited html tags

thanks, i will do some testing with webviewer, so i can also justify the text