Kodular aia not opening

Hello I am using kodular aia available in net but I want to continue it in Mit but it's not opening.

I know both are different.so, not compatible and I didn't know what to do I need help

I have read many topics but I can't solve because I am beginner.

Could any one please use your time to fix it
Spin_Reward.aia (1.1 MB)

It also contains admob ads

Please help me this time :pleading_face: :pray:

You will need to open your aia in Kodular Creator, remove any kodular specific components and features, then export the aia. It might then open in App Inventor.

That's what I said I already read many topics saying this and I tried but I didn't get it

I have had a quick look.

Removing all the Kodular components in this aia will render the project unusable (Firebase in particular)

You will need to start from scratch with App Inventor and replicate what you see in Kodular Creator.

delete block MakeroidCardView in scheme "SpaceView" "Spin_Reward".
export aia Mit and kodular and compare the beginning in the files.

and all the space components, and all the Firebase components, and....