Keystores for duplicated projects/Apps

I see when you duplicate a project, both of them are assigned (what looks like) the same keystore file.

Let's say you want to duplicate an App, make minor changes to it and give it to a friend, and continue developing the original one for yourself, is it wise to have the same keystore file assigned to both?

My questions are:

  1. Is this correct?
  2. If it is, is there a way to prevent it? (i.e. assign a new keystore file while saving the App as a new project.
  3. Pending on the first two answers, how do I assign a new keystore file to an already created Project?

Help will be much appreciated

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The keystore is assigned to a user account, not a project. If you export an AIA file and share it with a friend, they will generate their own keystore the first time they build a project. The keystore will not be present in the exported project file.


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