Keystore From Google Play Console

Hello everyone,

I've created an application using MIT AI2 and have published it on Google Play using Google's generated sign-in. Now, I'd like to also upload the APK file to my website for users to download directly. To ensure consistency, I need to use the same keystore as the one generated by Google. Is there a way to export the keystore used by Google Play?

Thank you for your help!

I do not think this is possible. The Google-generated keystore isn't exportable from Google for security reasons. If you want to be able to sign your own APKs, you have to generate the keystore yourself and then upload it to Google Play Console.

Download your app as "signed universal APK" (if your app was uploaded as AAB) from your Google Play Developer console and upload it to your website.

This ensures that the app has the same keystore as the app in the Play Store, so that your users can also install the app (hosted on your website).