Keep screen mobile on

Hello everyone
I want to keep screen mobile on when the app is working
Can any one help me


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I tried this give me error Java

And in which block can use i tried in initialize screen give me error Java

What error?

Run time error on screen mit app inventor

How? Show your blocks.

Post a screenshot.

When i add the extension give me error direct can any one put sample code how to use this extension

This right ?
And in all screen or screen1 only ?

Not crashing / erroring here on Companion with Android 13.

Did you reload the companion / app after importing the extension ?

Did you mean make refresh ??
I used as apk first same give me error how i can reload because this is first time i will use extension

Post the aia.

This is project
I import the extension TaifunTools
Then add the TaifunTools to mobile then add this block in all screen

No issue at all (on Android 13, with Companion & APK).

then use the second method posted above....

No Huawei nova 5t android 12

It's working thank you for al

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